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Signing up for an account

You may not need to sign up for an account to join events open to both members and non-members of the New Zealand Alpine Club. If you register for an account, however, you can ask to receive email notifications of when new events are posted to the calendar. Additionally, some events may be marked as Members Only, and for these you will need an account and you will need to provide proof of membership. Additionally, only members can organize events. To sign up for an account fill out the form below, and you will be registered for a guest account. An email will be sent to the given email address, and you will need to confirm that address by clicking on the link contained in the email.

If you have any problems with the sign-up, please contact the webmaster at, and they can sign you up manually. Nearly all problems are dealt with within 24 hours, but if the webmaster is out somewhere without internet access then resolution of problems may take longer.

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Email settings

You can choose to receive email notifications from the OSONZAC regarding new events posted to the calendar. To change your email preferences, go to Member Information and select the types of events about which you wish to be notified and from which sections.

If you sign up for an event, you will receive email notifications if your status in the event changes (e.g. moving from the wait-list to the participants list) or if the event is deleted.

If you are organizing an event, you will receive notifications when someone signs up for your event.

Membership renewal

Member accounts revert to guest accounts when your NZAC membership expires. In order to retain your member account, please send a copy or scan of your member card or of your renewal invoice to the webmaster.


The Otago Section of the New Zealand Alpine Club is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not communicate your personal information - name, email address, or member number - to third parties or to other members of the club without your express consent except in the cases below:

  1. Your name, email address, and membership expiry date will be accessible to website administrators appointed by the section committee for the purposes of administering the website.
  2. When you sign up for an event your name, email address, and responses to the sign-up form will be accessible to the event organizers. Your name will also be displayed on the participants list for logged-in members to view, but your email address will not be displayed.
  3. If you are organizing an event then your name and email address will be displayed under the event details page at all times. To deter email harvesting, your email address will be rendered as an image when users are not logged in.
  4. When you submit an event to the calendar you may have the option of having the event description and a link to the event details page posted to the OSONZAC Facebook page. No personal details will be attached, and it will in no way be associated with any Facebook account you may have.

If you have concerns about your privacy, or if you wish to delete your account, please contact the webmaster.


This website uses a cookie to keep track of your information - such as who you are and what event you are editing - as you move between pages in the sites. In order for the site to work properly, you will need to enable cookies. The cookie expires three hours after it is created, and all information stored on our server that is linked to the cookies is destroyed when you log out.

Data Retention

Information that you provide when you sign up for an account, such as your name and email address, are retained on the site until you request that they be removed. This also includes information about what trips you have signed up for or organized. Information that you provide in the sign-up form for an event is retained until a week after the event's end date, at which point your sign-up information is deleted.