Otago Section of the New Zealand Alpine Club

Tuesday Night Rock Climbing

Climbing at Sebastapol Bluffs on a rock climbing trip.

Tuesday Rock Climbing is hosted by the Otago Section of the New Zealand Alpine Club right through the daylight-saving part of each summer. It has been running for many years as a way of bringing climbers together to share their love of the sport and to experience the many crags Dunedin has to offer. This page explains:


Tuesday Climbing is purely a social event and formal instruction is not provided. Each night an Otago Section Committee member will co-ordinate the event. These volunteers are experienced climbers and although they won’t offer “classes”, please ask them any questions that you may have as they are happy to check safety issues for you and can often give great advice on climbs which may suit your experience.


Anyone with basic experience of rock climbing is welcome and newcomers to Dunedin will find it a great place to meet others and visit the local crags. You don’t need to be an Alpine Club member (but it helps) but you do need to have the basic skills to safely climb on top rope. If you’ve never climbed before, please don’t come along on a Tuesday expecting to be taught – get in touch and we can tell you when the next beginners’ course is due. If you’re not sure, email us your number on and someone will be happy to give you a call. Everyone who comes out to Tuesday night climbing needs to pre-register so that we have people's up-to-date contact information handy.

Climbing at Elephant Rocks on a climbing trip.


We meet at about 5.15pm alongside Logan Park to coordinate transport and pick a crag for the week, aiming to be away at 5.30pm sharp. To minimise carbon impact, we arrange shared transport to take a few vehicles as possible. If you get a ride, please contribute to the driver’s fuel cost. Each week we pick a different crag, and most have trad. and sport options and although the Section actively funds a bolting maintenance and renewal programme, you are responsible for your own safety at all times when climbing. If needed, weather updates are posted on our Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon.


The Otago Section has a limited number of helmets, harnesses and (second-hand) shoes available to rent. They are free for NZAC members or $5 per night for non-members. Please pay by cash or to our bank 06-0901-0025096-00. The club has ropes available and will arrange to put up top ropes, and anchors, if these are required. Remember, if you borrow any club gear, please return it to the committee member at the end of the evening - thanks.


The Section Committee members coordinating the night will try and keep an eye out for any obvious safety issues and please don’t be offended if they have a suggestion to make. The rock around Dunedin area can be loose and will shed from time to time. Please wear a helmet when climbing or belaying and take the time to test the quality of the rock. If you are climbing with someone new, please don’t assume they are expert, particularly if they are belaying you for the first time. The usual, pre-climbing discussion and safety checks should always be carried out and you should feel comfortable that you both are fully capable of safely undertaking the climb. If you have any doubts, or questions, just have a chat to the Section Committee Member there that night.